Why is it called a Growler? 
There are plenty of stories explaining the growler's name, but most trace the word back to early-20th-century English pubs. Beer could be taken home in tin pails with lids on them, and when gas escaped from the carbonated brew, it rattled the lids to create a sort of growling noise.

Can you fill any growler?

Per MD state law, we can fill any growler that has a store logo, goverment warning and cleaning instructions. But we are happiest filling our own and  please leave the milk jugs at home. We restrict it to 32 oz ,64oz  and 2 liter at this time.

What if my growler doesn't have all of that stuff?

No problem if your growler is naked of anything , we have some handy dandy stickers with all the needed requirements.

What are the hours of the Growler Station?

If the store is open, you can buy a growler. However, we do ask that you try to avoid buying one during the last twenty minutes of the business day since we typically clean the station during that time.

How long will  the beer in my growler last?

We suggest consuming your growler within two weeks of purchase (but seriously, why are you waiting so long?!?). Once opened, you should consume the beer within 24 - 48 hours. In short, don’t open it unless you can finish it! If you need help polishing off your growler, make a friend or two. 

​Now we do sell the uKeg™ Pressurized Growlers,  It’s easy to use, with an automatic regulator cap that holds CO2 inside, and Like a mini keg, the uKeg will keep your beer fresh for weeks.

How many times can I refill my growler?

If kept clean, growlers can theoretically be used indefinitely.

How do I clean my growler?
It is best to rinse your growler thoroughly several times with hot water as soon as you are done with it and let it air dry. Avoid using soap as it is harder to get the soap out than the beer and you don't want your next fill to taste soapy. And make sure it is completly dry before putting the cap back on, otherwise you will get some nasty stuff growing in there. If you forget these detailed cleaning instructions they are printed on the back of your growler.

If my growler is dirty will you clean it for me? 

Nope, as your Mother has been telling you for  years you are old enough to clean up after yourself.

How often do you clean the beer lines?

As recommended by the Master Brewers Association of America we clean our lines every two weeks.......It is important to us that the only funky taste you get is suppose to be there.

Can I sample the beer on tap before I buy?
Yes and No. We may have up to 30 different beers available at any given time. We will let you taste up to 5 per daily visit. Any more than that and you may start getting loopy.

Can we ask for certain beers to be available?

Of course you can, we always want to hear your suggestions, and we will do our best to take care of as many request as we can, that is why it is called Your Beer World.

How often do you change the tap selections?

Other than special tap events, that is up to you guys. We will change a tap every time we empty a keg . So it is pretty simple the more you buy the more it will change.

Will you have standard domestic beers available?

No the growler station will just be made up of the best micro and craft beers. Sorry no Natty Boh on tap.

Do you have any Meads or Wines om tap available?
Yes we rotate different Meads on tap and we have exclusive Wine World Wines available on tap in great fun flavors.